Thursday, September 29, 2022

Parker 51: The Leica M3 of the pen world offers a peerless writing experience

5 YEARS AGO ON MACFILOS What were you up to five years ago? Well, I was enjoying a reunion with the iconic (overused word, that,...

Authors and their typewriters: From Salinger to Christie

Everyone's a budding author these days, thanks to the computer and the internet. But spare a thought for the logistics of the 20th century when the mechanical typewriter was the weapon of choice...

Olivetti Lettera 22 at seventy: The typewriter lives on

The typewriter has played a huge role in the story of my life. Before the computer, before the computer and before instant communication, the mechanical typewriter was paramount...

On this day in 1945: The ballpoint pen, a revolution in writing, rocked New...

The humble ballpoint pen dates back 132 years. But it reached prime time on this day in 1945 when Gimbels department store in New York sold 30,000 pens at $12.50 each in the first week...

Grammarly: For the writers who think they don’t need it

Are you an immaculate writer, never putting a comma wrong? If so, perhaps you don't need Grammarly. But, for the rest of us, it has it's uses (sorry, its).

William Hannah’s new pen case and notebook fastener

William Hannah's leather-bound loose-leaf notebooks are the best. But that's just my opinion. Now you can add an elastic fastener and a colour-matching leather pencase. It makes a perfect Christmas present.

Procrastinating all the way to the trash can

The Most Dangerous Typing app will eat your words if you don't keep typing. It's not the app for the avid procrastinator as Mike finds out....

Typewriters and the Mueller touch

Did Mueller himself type his report? The two-space-after-stop convention leads to suspicion....

Workflow: The humble typewriter through rose-coloured glasses


Notebooks, typewriters, fountain pens: All should by rights be dead, foully killed off by the computer. But they live on.....

William Hannah’s notebook and the Dumas Dad Montblanc


I have a soft spot for notebooks and writing implements. So what better gift to receive than one of William Hannah’s finely crafted British notebooks and a Montblanc collectors’ item to use with it?