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Wireless Waves on the Rampage


Too much broadband can damage your brain? An old surfer of my acquaintance reports that his wife read in a newspaper (probably this one in The Times) that broadband can damage the brain. She had banned constant use of the internet and my friend, a computer user for the past 25 years, was reduced to a surreptitious toggling of the modem switch every time he wanted to check his email. I was able set their minds at rest. The article clearly referred to wireless networks rather than the broadband service itself and, even then, nothing has been proved. Since they didn’t have a wireless router attached to the modem, I assured them that the USB cable is harmless. However, my iPhone disclosed two strong wireless networks in adjacent properties, so I suppose they are doomed anyway. In my home I have seven nearby networks; it seems that even the dogs have WiFi these days.


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