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iPhone therefore I am


ALL iBORES will love this article by Nick Curtis in today's London Evening Standard.  While there are still a few technophobes and naysayers out there, there can be little doubt that the iPhone has become a phenomenon and the new Carrera S, sorry, iPhone 3GS can only stoke the fires. Last night, as we mentioned, we were at the monthly meeting of the London Mac Users Group and the iPhonistas were out in force. Still, there's a significant proportion of LMUG members who resist newer technology and swear by OS 9 (even OS 8 gets an honourable mention). Not for them the iPhone in all its glory; not for them the latest Snow Leopard which, as everyone now knows, runs only on the new-fangled Intel processor. We've often wondered at what point even the die-est die-hard has to be led kicking and screaming to the latest Macs and the latest OS.


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