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Newsreader heaven: NetNewsWire survives reorganisation


NetNewsWire screen
For nearly a year I have been using the NetNewsWire application on my iPhone. I was quite happy with the performance, although it was a nuisance to navigate out of the application to Safari every time I wanted to see a story in full. Then came a series of emails telling me that NewsGator, the source of the NNW content, was going to concentrate on the corporate market and I would have to migrate all my feeds to Google Reader. This I didn't like, mainly because I was resistant to change, so I left it to the last minute.

Now, however, I have downloaded the latest NetNewsWire for iPhone and set up all my feeds in Google Reader and can see many benefits. The new NNW application for Mac is superb and presents all the stories in logical format. If I want to see more, the source website comes up in the NNW application itself, thus avoiding all the previous juggling.

Joy of joys, too, the slickly designed NNW iPhone app does the same thing. I can stay in NNW and read all my news stories, in full if necessary, without having to flick back and forth to Safari. This makes the best of the iPhone's single-application-at-time limitations. So far I have absolutely no complaints and I would rate NetNewsWire as excellent, both in Mac and iPhone iterations.


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