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Tesco blows it for Christmas: “We don’t do Mac”


At last, I thought, some real competition for iTunes. Tesco Entertainment are offering individual tracks from 29p and complete albums from £3. Although a great supporter of iTunes, I thought I'd fill my shopping basket with Tesco's delights and make a pre-holiday saving. 

Hp-mp3-ad1-wk38So I opened an account, filled in my Tesco Clubcard details and went straight to the list. I tried one single track and two albums but got the error "Cannot be purchased at this time". This was very unhelpful and a call to Tesco's helpline produced the real answer. Tesco Entertainment's web site does not support Macs, whether you use Safari, Firefox or any other browser. "We had some problems setting things up and we just concentrated on getting it right. We're looking at Mac support but it won't be for a few months yet."

How, I wonder, can a large international giant such as Tesco screw things up so comprehensively. Don't they know that many iPod and iPhone users also have Macs? Maybe they just do not want our business and are handing it over to iTunes without a fight?


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