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Tablet Time -4 Hours: What’s in a Name?


Steve & Co are probably tucked up in bed at the moment. Over on this side of the Atlantic we've been up for a few hours and fretting over the Apple Tablet announcement in four hours' time. More conjecture has come in overnight and it seems the biggest surprise is going to be in the name of the new device. iSlaters and iPadders are have backpedalled. After all, no one wants to go definite on a name if it's going to be proved wrong in such a short time. Some last-minute new ideas such as iTabloid have been bandied about. Although the tablet itself seems to be no great secret, except in the detailed spec, the name is still unknown. Personally, I am thinking that iPad sounds about right, despite the possible confusion with iPod. I noted a fleeting announcement, quickly withdrawn, from Germany's Media-Markt retailer, that the "Apple iPad" would be available from March 1 for €499 with a T-Mobile data contract. Either this was a deliberate spoiler, or there's something in in. Will I want one? I don't know, but I suppose so. I really do want to know the name, though, so I can think positive things. 


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