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What next to expect from Apple? New MP Pros and new iPhone?


Apart from the upgrade to Aperture 3 last week, things have been quiet at Apple since the iPad announcement. Now, though, we are expecting some interesting announcements. There are many suggestions on the net that the next week or two will see upgrades to the MacBook Pro line. I have been holding off buying a 13in MacBook Pro for the past two months because I expect faster processors and other improvements to be announced soon. Nothing is definite, of course, but we are now overdue for a technical facelift. Another strong possibility is a preliminary announcement of the next iPhone, dubbed iPhone 4G. This is likely to come in March, with availability of the new model in June. Such a timing and pattern has been seen in the past.

I believe we are also due for a further update to the iPhone OS, maybe even a jump to OS 4 to allow more features to be implemented on the iPad before models hit the shelves later in March. This would make sense. Could we see some limited multi-tasking and, maybe, a front-facing camera on the phone? At the time of the iPad launch I felt Apple were holding something back. They could hardly add extensive features to the iPad's OS without similarly updating the iPhone. There is still time for an announcement before those iPads ship. We shall see. 


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