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Stieg Larsson meets the iPhone


Stieg Larsson's cult Millenium trilogy is without doubt an exciting and satisfying read. The novels are right up there among the best I have ever read.

For me, though, they represent another milestone. Larsson's work is the first major offering I have read on my iPhone, courtesy of the excellent Kindle app.

I have ploughed through the three substantial novels in a little over two weeks and have been delighted with the experience. Until the iPad arrives at MacOldie Towers, the iPhone is now my ebook reader of choice. Returning to my Sony reader to polish off the few remaining purchased books is a dismal experience. Not a page goes by but I wish I were reading on the iPhone's crisp, backlit screen.

Despite its small screen, the iPhone is just so convenient. I have my phone with me at all times and it so easy to load the Kindle app and start reading.

I particularly appreciate the Kindle app's ability to sync reading progress across several devices and I look forward to trying it on the iPad and on the Mac desktop in due course. Even when I get my iPad I will continue to read on the iPhone on those occasions when I am travelling light.

My message to any iPhone or iPod Touch owner thinking of buying an e-ink reader is don't bother. Before you spend another £200, just download the free Kindle app and buy a few books. You will not regret it.

There is just one thing I do regret: Stieg Larsson died before he could appreciate his success and before he could give us readers more of the same. The world is a poorer place.

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