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Kindle for Mac introduced: sync your books with your iPhone


Amazon’s much-promised Kindle application for Mac is launched today. Now you can purchase and read Kindle books on your Mac and, if you also have the companion Kindle for iPhone app, you can “whisper sync” your books so you never forget your place. Read at home, pick up the phone and off you go without worrying about synchronisation. I have had a quick play and can report that it is a fairly frill-free reading experience, very similar in fact to Kindle on the iPhone. There's none of the animated page-turning and booklike interface we've been promised on the iPad, but it does the job. I have never read a book on the Mac but I will try it for a few hours and see how I get on. After a few weeks' experience with Kindle on the iPhone I do like the ease of buying and downloading books. I'm very happy with the Kindle eco-system and I now look forward even more to the iBookstore and the iPad. It would be nice to think that Apple will launch an iBooks app for the iPhone on April 3 so we can start experimenting with the system.


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