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iPad: One million sold in first four weeks


Author: Michael Evans

Exactly a month ago the first iPads appeared in stores in the USA; and last Friday the iPad 3G gave a further boost to sales. Steve Jobs today announced that Apple have sold one million of the new tablet computers in the first 28 days, with demand continuing to exceed supply. This is less than half the 74 days it took for the original iPhone to reach the same number of sales. The company disclosed than iPad users have already downloaded 12 million apps and over 1.5 million books. There are now more than 5,000 new applications created specifically for the iPad, but over 200,000 iPhone and iPod touch apps will run on the iPad, although not in full-screen mode. 

These are impressive figures by any standard and they indicate that Apple has a major success on its hands. The iPhone is now on its third (soon to be forth) generation and has shown steady increase in market penetration over the past three years. There is now no reason to doubt that the iPad will be a major cash generator for Apple, Inc. 


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