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iPad 3G: Another iPad with wifi connect problems


While working to a full review of my new iPad, I have realised that mine suffers from the wifi problems reported by other users. It keeps losing the connection, despite having a full signal. While travelling, I’m using my well-tried MiFi portable router. I’ve used this extensively with both the iPhone and MacBook Pro and have had absolutely no wifi issues. Once either device is introduced to the MiFi, the signal is automatic and reliable.

Not so with the iPad. Repeatedly, but particularly after a few minutes of no web-access, the wifi icon disappears from the top bar and the dreaded “not connected to the internet” warning appears. The only solution is to exit the app and go to settings (which always says “Not Connected), select the MiFi and reconnect. This is happening all the time and is immensely frustrating. It makes working on the iPad such a chore than I fear it is clouding my judgement of the new device.

Incidentally, my iPhone, connected to the same MiFi router, sails on all day without losing the signal. This must be a problem specific to the iPad and I have heard reports that Apple is planning a software update soon. It can’t come soon enough.


  1. Hi, I am sorry that you are beginning to have your doubts about your iPad, and hope that when Apple get it together to put out fixes for the various problems the beast appears to have, you will find it works as you had hoped.

    Odd that Apple should sell a device that seems to have one or two rather major problems though.. One would have thought they would have waited until they had it all working before selling them.

  2. This problem was so irritating, I got so fed up with it. I spent quite a bit of time researching, for a solution, with no luck. All of the methods I found didn’t work for me. I did a bunch of research came across WIRED magazine and found a extensive and detailed review of Pong Research cases. These guys make a very special case which has a built-in antenna in between its layers, which redirects and boost the signal and range of your new iPad, iPhone and other devices. This solved my <a href="http://www.pongresearch.com/new-ipad.html">new iPad 3 wifi issues</a> and now as a result, I’m able to connect to my router from further distance without a problem at all. I also enjoy a lot the Origami Smart Cover it comes with, which besides providing the classic sleep/awake function, folds and allows you to stand the iPad on 5 different positions.


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