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Barnes & Noble: Digital sales exceed retail sales



Surprising news hidden away in Barnes & Noble's annual results to May 1:  E-book sales are forging ahead while on-line sales of books remains solid. But the bricks-and-morter stores are in decline. Apparently, just one year after launching the Barnes & Noble e-book store, their share of the digital market already exceeds their share of the retail book market. The successful Nook reader (pictured) has just been reduced to an attractive $149.

Meanwhile, in the UK, HMV's Waterstones subsidiary is not doing at all well. Their digital sales are restricted to e-ink readers and they have not copied B&N and Amazon with apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and the rest. It looks like the e-book revolution is gathering pace all over the western world. How long before physical books are available only on line, and even so in ever-dwindling quantities? Luddites of the world need to arise and start supporting those High Street stores before it's too late! 


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