Home Tech iOS4 iPad: Must we wait until November?

iOS4 iPad: Must we wait until November?


Rumours today suggest that the anticipated operating system upgrade for the iPad might not come until November. This is a great pity. Since I tried iOS4 on the iPhone 3GS the iPad begins to look a bit old fashioned. After only three months on the market, this is a shame and is an indictment of the speed at which technology moves these days. Strangely, it's not multi-tasking that I find most alluring about iOS4; it is the ability to organise the desktop into folders. Everything is tidier and it's much easier to find what you are looking for because similar apps can be grouped together – Productivity, Entertainment, Notes, Utilities, Travel and so on. Already, since I got iOS4 and can use the iPad keyboard dock with the iPhone, I am carrying the iPad around less. It's mainly staying at home as a reading and browsing device. 


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