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iPhone 4: Last person in blogosphere gets handson


I must be the last person in the Apple blogosphere to get my hands on the iPhone 4. But I had this long-delayed pleasure yesterday after a friend arrived here in Mykonos with the new phone in the hand luggage. I'd ordered it at the end of June for delivery to the Apple Store at London's Westfield Mall. When the delivery email arrived I enlisted an army of friends to pick it up and transfer the precious box to the Mykonos visitor. After all this time, my comments on the new phone are of little interest. It's great; especially the "retina display" screen and I love the new design with glass front and back combined with the aluminium frame.

Since the Greek telephone company, OTE, had been completely unable to produce a micro-SIM, I cut down the bigger SIM and had it working in the iPhone 4 within seconds. It's easy really, but I'd still like the proper card when OTE (at least here on the island) wakes up and enters the 21st century. In mitigation, the iPhone 4 is not yet available in Greece, but many stores are selling iPads (self-imports, presumably) and there must be a demand for micro-SIMs. 

Also, today, Piel Frama delivered their new iMagnum tan leather case which keeps the phone nice and safe. I will be reviewing this in due course. 

I'm now officially an iPhone 4 owner and I expect to use my iPad even less. In fact, next time I travel I will probably take just the phone and my MacBook Pro. Too many devices gets confusing.


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