Home Tech Apple TV: New iTV name will cause upset in UK

Apple TV: New iTV name will cause upset in UK


This morning's revelation by Engadget of Apple's plans for a new TV module include the suggestion that the revamped Apple TV will be called iTV. While this sounds logical, Apple will likely encounter major legal problems here in the United Kingdom. ITV (with a capital I) is as well known to British television viewers as the BBC. According to Wikipedia, it is a public service network of British commercial television broadcasters, set up under the Independent Television Authority to provide competition to the BBC since 1955. However, the biggest challenge could come from the separate commercial company, ITV plc, which resulted from the merger of Granada plc and Carlton Communications in 2004. It's hard to see how Apple could introduce a product called "iTV" without strong opposition. But they must already know this and, if the rumours of the name are true, could have come to come accommodation.


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