Home Tech iTV: ITV will “vigorously defend” their trademark in the UK

iTV: ITV will “vigorously defend” their trademark in the UK


Following my post yesterday comes news (in the Daily Mirror) that Britain's ITV will 'vigorously defend" the trademark globally, not just in the UK. So, assuming the rumoured name for Apple's new Apple TV is correct, there could be trouble ahead. Although, according to other reports, ITV has been seeking to protect its trademark in the US for several years without success, it seems fairly likely that Apple will have a tough fight. When the original Apple TV was introduced it appears that iTV was then the preferred project name but was changed – probably for the same reasons that are now surfacing. To British consumers, calling the device iTV is akin to saying it is an iBBC and, I think, lawyers will have a field day. My guess is that Apple will back down and deny that they ever intended to call it iTV.


  1. My God! An Apple device without that irritating lower case “i”?The mind boggles.Perhaps they will go the Asus route and call it the IiiTV?

    I await further developments with bated breath…………


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