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Bluetooth peripherals and battery drain


What with keyboards, mice and trackpads I now find myself buying more and more AA cells. It's a costly business and, sometimes, a source of frustration. Lurking in the new Apple Store at Covent Garden this week, I was strongly tempted to invest £25 in Apple's new battery charging device. The cost is relatively low and the six AA cells supplied can power keyboard, mouse and trackpad with no problem. It makes sense and, with the low initial cost, it should be no more than two or three months before you reach breakeven. And, of course, you always have the option to revert to AA cells if you're caught out on the road without the charger. Mobee kit outline

More intriguing, though, is the new Magic Charger from Mobee. This device is an attractive little induction-charging dock for the Magic Mouse. It includes a rechargeable battery pack which replaces the standard AA batteries and, incidentally, slightly reduces the weight of the mouse. Price is rumoured to be around $50, so the upfront investment is relatively high and the product is a one-trick pony which leaves keyboards and trackpads out in the cold. It is definitely superficially attractive, but on reflection I think Apple have the right idea with their charger and their low price.


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