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Kindle book sales treble


If proof were needed that electronic books are reaching critical mass, the news that Kindle book sales have tripled in the first half of 2010 compared with 2009 is a sure pointer. We’re not talking here of the Kindle device itself. Although we have had no firm sales statistics from Amazon (as usual) hearsay evidence is enough to show that the Kindle 3 has been very successful. Nevertheless, the fact that the Kindle book platform is available on most portable devices and on all computers is the main reason for the leap in sales.

There is still a lot of resistance to e-books and I am forever being told that people will never give up their wonderful printed books. They feel so nice, after all, and look so nice on the shelves. But people said the same about CDs, vinyl records, even about typewriters when “word processors” first appeared. I have no doubt that books will go the way of the CD, the video cassette and the LP – and sooner rather than later.


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