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TeuxDeux: Simple web-based to-do list with useful iPhone app


I'm grateful for David Sparks of MacSparky for this introduction to the wonderful TeuxDeux iPhone application. David and I are OmniFocus aficionados and David, in particular, has a fiendishly complicated set up as befits his life as a busy lawyer. My OF database is modest by comparison, but I do enjoy using the GTD (Getting Things Done) features of OF and I appreciate the slick synchonisation, via Mobile Me, that keeps by Mac, iPad and iPhone versions constantly up to date.
Yet I share with David a keen interest in any sort of task management software and we have both trawled through the AppStore in search of the ideal simple to-do list – and there are hundreds of them.

Now comes TeuxDeux (T0Do, get it?)from Switzerland, designed by Swiss Miss and built by Fictive Kin. TD is described as a designy thingy and I can't dispute this.  The web version  (above) has a wonderfully clean and intuitive interface with five days to view and simply records tasks to be done on a particular day.  I particularly like the fact that undone items automatically move to the next day until done. With more complicated systems, such as Omni Focus, you have to reschedule or a task will stick to a previous date and is listed as "yesterday" or "in the last month", not to mention "in the last year" if you are a terrible procrastinator. 

For quick daily reminders, such as errands, shopping lists and similar tasks, TeuxDeux is ideal. I've been using it for two weeks and find that I can remove the daily clutter from OmniFocus and simply rely on TD for quick reminders.

TeuxDeux also includes a simple "Someday" section with five columns which can be allocated to different categories such as Home, Friends, Places to Visit. It's very useful and, again, it avoids clutter in your main task-management system. 

The iPhone/iPod touch application costs a modest £1.79 and displays one day at a time, with easy access to the Someday section. Ultra simple, very effective and cheap. 


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