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iTunes: Will tomorrow bring subscription streaming?



There's speculation that tomorrow's iTunes announcement from Apple will see the introduction of an all-streaming subscription-based service for music. It has been on the cards for a long time and it's probably no coincidence that Apple's new North Carolina data centre is now online – nor that the company is rumoured to be negotiating to double the size of the server farm in the near future.

Cloud-based subscription services are the future, a future where all our purchased music is stored on iTunes servers and not on our little phones and iPods. In many ways it will be like the current Kindle bookstore where you can download books, delete them from your device and then get them back as many times as you like. If this is a genuine subscription-based service it will be a even better. Just imagine paying a flat monthly fee and being able to listen to anything at any time without having to go through the process of buying and storing on your own computer. If the price is right, this will be a major money spinner for Apple. Again. 

While they're at it, maybe we'll get news of the much-awaited iOS 4.2 update which has already been delayed twice because of rumoured problems with the iPad. iPad owners are chomping at the bit to get hold of folders, multi-tasking and other enhancements that iPhone users have been used to for several months.  Tune in at 3 pm GMT tomorrow.



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