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iTunes Damp Squib: Apple cries wolf once too often


Good old Aesop had it right. Cry wolf too often and no one takes any notice when the real McCoy appears. So all the Beatles works are now available on iTunes. Yawn and yawn again! Is anyone in the world remotely interested? Apple said today would be a day we'd never forget. Maybe, but for all the wrong reasons. It's the day Apple's PR experts cried wolf and got us all excited over a bunch of nothing. I should have known 7 am was too early for Steve to rise and put on his black polo neck. The Beatles announcement is of such stunning mediocrity that it comes best before the cornflakes while we're all half asleep. Unfortunately, on this side of the Atlantic we were only too wide eyed and bushy tailed and the disappointment was immediate. Apple, your PR department should be ashamed of itself. 


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