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B&W mm-1 Speakers: Why does iTunes keep launching


I love my new Bowers and Wilkins mm-1 desktop speakers (see earlier post here) but I've discovered an unusual niggle. Every time I press play or pause on the remote control my Mac loads iTunes. Since I am currently using Spotify for music, I don't want to see iTunes popping up all over the place. I thought this was a simple problem with an easy solution, but an email from B&W's Frazer Hogg shows it to be a tad thornier:

"When active, the B&W MM-1 computer speakers effectively become the sound card of the PC or Mac they are attached to. This means that you have the same control over your Mac’s functions as you would do with its internal sound card. 

I have done a little forum surfing on this matter and it appears that the option to change which program opens when using the play/pause function (be it with a remote or the function button on the keyboard) was removed in OS X a while ago. There do appear to be workarounds available for this however I would not be able to suggest which one to use."

I've done some investigation and have also posted a query to the Apple Communities forums. Usually, in my experience, you can get an answer back from some expert within a couple of hours. This time, though, days have gone by with no response. 

Anyone out there have a solution in the form of a workaround?


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