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Kickstarter: LunaTik and the OneLessDrop


A couple of weeks ago I reported on two Kickstarter projects I’d invested in: the LunaTik iPod Nano watchband from Minimal Studios and the OneLessDrop cable tidy from Dean Heckler. The LunaTik has already far exceeded its funding target ($942,000 raised on a $15,000 target) is in production and I am waiting for the arrival of my watchband (Nano is sitting here, looking a little forlorn).

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The OneLessDrop aluminium cable tidy has raised $16,000 on a target of $12,500 and is nearing production. Developer Dean Heckler is keeping me up to date with design and development progress and it is quite exciting and rewarding to follow a project from start to finish. Today we’re in the Brite dip and anodizing department, not that I understand a lot about that. But it’s good to be kept informed.

There are hundreds of projects on Kickstarter and the minimum investment is often no more than the eventual cost price of the item. The good thing is that your investment is not charged to your credit card until the target has been reached—which should mean that you will get your product and are not pumping money into a lost cause. In many instances the amount of the private funding is an indication of the future success of the project. This can be seen especially with the LunaTik/TikTok project which has clearly captured the public imagination with the near-£1m pledge far exceeding the modest $15k original target.


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