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iPad 2: BBC involvement expected at launch


Tomorrow evening’s (in the UK) launch of the second-generation iPad is expected to involve a link to a Stephen Fry hosted London event at the BBC Television Centre in Shepherd’s Bush. This is just up the road from MacFilos Towers but sadly we haven’t been invited. The link likely to involve a demonstration of the Corporation’s new BBC iPlayer app as an example of the way in which the iPad is revolutionising media consumption.

Speculation about the new device, rampant as usual, includes the possibility of a thinner, lighter form factor, a front-facing camera for FaceTime and an additional I/O port  which could be the new Thunderbolt as seen on the revised MacBook Pros. There is doubt about the introduction of a rear camera and a higher-resolution display.

While we are on the eve of iPad 2, the interesting fact remains that for the past year the Apple device has had the market to itself. Despite dozens of announcements (RIM is actually on the third generation of its invisible PlayBook) nothing serious has come along. Apple, though, know that that situation will change dramatically in 2011 and they need to keep ahead of the game.

Tomorrow’s update will put new life into the iPad, not that sales are flagging, and will help ward off the competition until a major revision is introduced in 2012. One of the main reasons the iPad has gone unchallenged is that it is cheap. Apple surprised the tech world with its pricing a year ago and other manufacturers, many without an ecosystem to rival the iPads, are finding it difficult to compete.

Only 24 hours to wait for the facts and we can then analyse Apple’s chances of staying on top of the heap for another year.

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