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Lost MacBook: Add contact details to home screen


We all have that dread of losing our laptop. More than often the biggest worry is the thought of all the lost data and the inconvenience rather than the actual value of the computer. I’ve just read a great way of adding your contact details to the home screen of any Mac. Lifehacker brought my attention to a little-known feature of the free Onyx utility ,than allows you to add a line of “how to get back to me” information on the opening screen. If you have a password set, as you should, any well-intentioned finder would be unable to contact you without this information.

Once you’ve installed Onyx, go to Preferences/Parameters and choose the Login tab. Tick the “Show message in the login window” box and then add your words. This then displays your details on the login screen every time the computer is started. The only snag is that my MacBook Air is almost always left in standby mode in which case the password box doesn’t display the contact details. We can only hope the finder has the wit to press the power button and reboot. At least, though, this gives some hope.

And there’s always the low-tech analogue solution: A label on the bottom of the laptop.

This is just a small feature of the Onyx utility and I am sure you will find more to interest you.

Onyx can be downloaded free from the Apple Store; it isn’t yet in the Mac App Store.

Source: Lifehacker.com

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