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Instapaper 3.0 for iOS adds social network support


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One of the few apps that sits in glory on my home screen–and not hidden in a folder–is Instapaper. That's because I use it, and use it often. In case you haven't tried it, Instapaper is an absolutely brilliant way of reading news from any web site in a clear, uniform text formatted specially for the iPhone or iPad. There is also a web-based Instapaper application that brings similar functionality to reading on the Mac.

It just got better and developer Marco Arment has posted Instapaper 3.0 for iPhone and iPad. There are lots of extra features, including integration with social networking sites, and a full rundown can be read here on Marco's site. It's a free upgrade for existing users and new customers pay the equivalent of $4.99.


  1. I am using Shovebox (an iPad version has been announced a while ago) ReadItLater Pro and Instapaper.

    I want to go to one app and delete the apps that do the same job. Currently Instapaper seems the way to go and then use Evernote as my digital trashcan. Decisions, decisions….

  2. I haven’t tried Shovebox but will add it to my list of things to do. I’m not sure there is one do-all app out there. I use NewNewsWire in conjunction with my Google Reader account (which I never visit, just use for collecting RSS feeds). I trawl through NNW’s gathered topics and send anything of interest to Instapaper. I don’t think you could use Instapaper for the original trawl and, if you could, I’m not sure I’d want to. It’s nice to get past the clutter and concentrate on the stories you are really interested in. Interesting that Marco has added Evernote support. I need to investigate this and, as you say, maybe use it as a digital trashcan. It could be useful especially for stuff I’d like to do later (such as trying Shovebox).


  3. Problem with Shovebox is, that is hasn’t been updated for ages. IMHO the ‘lazy’ kind of developer being student and having more important things to do.

    Sorry to say but with NNW we haven’t seen iOS updates for ages too. Even NNW 1 iOS had icon badges but currently it doesn’t seem to matter its developer Brent Simmons. I therefore tend to choose Reeder on iOS which is great and simple. I hope to welcome Reeder Mac soon in the MAS as it is beta now. Give it a try !

    Initially I ditched Evernote but with the new iPhone app is it great to use. I have a free account.

    Using iPhones since the beginning I tend to delete more and more apps which I

    1) barely use2) have the same function (overlap)3) are not updated or with bad support


  4. Michiel – I have Reeder but stopped using it because it kept crashing. I prefer the UI to NNW, though, and I will give it another try on your recommendation. Maybe there have been updates since I stopped using it. It’s good that you can swop from one to the other and still use the Google database. I’m also waiting Reeder for Mac to come out of beta.

    I have the same problem with duplicate/overlapping apps. I tend to delete them from the device by leave them in iTunes on the basis that one day I might want to go back to them. However, you’re probably right – get rid of them.


  5. In three years I got about 700 apps. Currently I keep about 450 them in iTunes and the rest in a separate folder on my hard disk. I deleted app which were either discontinued of got no updates for more than 1,5 year. I kept WifiTrak, ghich was forbidden by Apple; it as great use of finding wi-fi networks.

    On my iPhones are currently about 175 apps all divided according the Apple categories, except some folders with apps I also have on my Mac desktop.

    In the early days of my Apple life I was a collector of every application and three years ago I did a bit the same with on the iPhone till I realized that it makes no sense to use three Twttter clients, 2 todo apps and 3 GTD apps, different calculators or converters

    More and more I am deleting apps with overlap. It hurts but one has to make decisions as I strive an optimal workflow.

    I have no figures but I think 25% of my apps hardly get updated by their developers. Also the big names as Bjango and TapBot are among them. disappointing as only a few developers of quality apps bring updates on regular base. Think of Things, Omnifocus, Simplenote, Instapaper, Readitlater, Pocket Informant and others.

    iOS is fun 🙂


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