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OmniFocus: In-depth review to boost your productivity


iPhone version of OmniFocusReaders know I’m a great fan of OmniFocus, the task and project manager that runs on OS X, iPhone and iPad (and, crucially) syncs between all three over the air. Today I came across an extended review of OF by Shawn Blanc of Shawnblanc.net and I’m mightily impressed by the level of detail, the historical perspective and the helpful tips for improving your workflow.

In common with most of us, Shawn had used CulturedCode’s Things and I think we both agree that it’s pretty, especially on the iPad, and pretty good at its job, too. But it it’s a fatally holed ship until CC come up with over-the-air sync.

Anyone with a busy life and a tendency to swap platforms—Mac, iPhone, iPad—throughout the day needs to rely on cloud syncing and this is Omni’s trump card. But it isn’t just this: OF is a superb tool with tremendous depth for the connoisseur but a relatively simple front end for the casual tasker. Says Shawn:

What I have found with OmniFocus is that once you’ve taken the time to learn it and get acclimated to its features, it just may be the best thing that ever happened to your task list…..  I switched to OmniFocus because of its ability to sync. I’m staying because of its ability to do everything else.

However, as Shawn admits, the desktop version of OmniFocus is not the most exciting way of managing your your projects. Trustworthy and able it may be, but the user interface is now dated. The new iPad version, on the other hand, is magnificent and is an indication of things to come in the OS X version.

If, like me, you are a GTD junkie, you’ll have a feast with Shawn’s review.


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