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Things: Cloud sync ever so near, ever so far


I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have cloud syncing for OmniFocus. It just works, works well and it’s something you can safely forget about. Yet OF’s main Mac competitor, Things, is still not cloud-ready and the developers, Culturedcode, seem to be making a meal of putting sync in place.

We are now at “State of Sync, Part III” on the Things Blog but the only light at the end of this particular tunnel is the possibility of Mac-to-Mac sync. Yet all the world knows that what we really need is iOS-to-Mac sync. Without it, Things is a less than wonderful thing. The sooner Culturedcode overcomes the almost insurmountable difficulties of cloud sync, the better for all of us.

I like Things, I really do. I’ve downloaded it and tried it several times but always put it to one side because I cannot sync across all my devices. Any app that doesn’t sync over the cloud in 2011 is hamstrung (and, yes, Bento, I hope you are reading). In the meantime, OmniFocus gets all the plaudits from the technorati and deservedly so.


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