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iCal: Year view long overdue, comes to OS X Lion


One of the things I miss most in iCal (and BusyCal, my preferred alternative) is a full-year view for long-term planning. I remember in pre-computer days every office had a Sasco year planner pinned to the wall. We’d stick on symbols and coloured stickers to give the work team a complete overview of what was scheduled for the year. I’ve had to learn to manage without manual aids like that, but I’m pleased to hear that a year view is coming to a revised iCal in OS X Lion this summer. What isn’t clear from the preview is whether this new year view is simply a year calendar or whether it is interactive, enabling the display of colour-coding or dots to represent events. It would be particularly useful to be able to show multi-day, all-day events (such as vacations). We will have to wait for more details to emerge. 

Source: AppleInsider


  1. Great to read Michael, you're another BusyCal user.

    I started 20 years ago with Now Uo-to-Dat/Now Contact but switched to iCal/Address Book since the iPhone era. Used first BusySync to sync iCal between our family macs and old MobileMe for Address Book and bookmarks. Never used my BusyCal licenses until last week when I finally switched to new MobileMe.

    Glad I did so. As I could delete Pocket Informant (for Google Calendar sync) and Appigo's Todo and now I am using BusyToDo http://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/busytodo-to-do-list-syncs/id409966802?mt=8

    You don't need much more to have a optimal workflow. BusyToDo for iPad is in the works 🙂


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