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iPad 2: Piel Frama slipcases work with Smart Covers


The leather crafters at Spain’s Piel Frama have been hard at it since the iPad 2 arrived. First we had the traditional folio case with magnetic closure, as we’ve seen previously on the first iPad. Then came the iMagnum (€90) which is essentially a leather cover for the back of the iPad with a colour range to match Apple’s Smart Covers. One of the most practical, though, is the Cinema (€130) which is based on the folio but incorporates a folding leather stand to make media viewing more relaxing.The Unipur slipcase costs €105 and is compatible with Apple’s Smart Covers

Now comes the third option, a leather slipcase called the Unipur (€105). The iPad slides in for carrying but pull it out and you have a naked pad and can enjoy the full beauty of the device. The Unipur, like the iMagnum, is designed to accommodate a Smart Cover-equipped iPad 2. The Unipur is joined by the Pull, a cheaper leather slipcase with a tooled exterior at €70.

The Pull costs €70It’s going to be a difficult choice for Piel Frama fans to make when they look for protection for their new iPad 2. So many designs, so many colours. See the full range here. All Piel Frama’s prices include courier delivery to any address in Europe. 

I’m a sucker for Piel Frama’s range of cases for the iPad and the iPhone and I really love the quality and appearance. As soon as you open the box and part the tissue paper you know you have a luxury item to enjoy. It’s just a pity Apple keep changing the size and shape of their iOS devices because Piel Frama quality gets expensive when you have to buy new every year.


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