Home Tech Best Buy, sinned or sinner: Rumoured iPad-ectomy

Best Buy, sinned or sinner: Rumoured iPad-ectomy


It’s rumoured this morning that Best Buy have had an iPad-ectomy at the hands of no less a personage than Apple CEO Tim Cook. The allegation is that they were withholding iPads when they’d fulfilled their daily quota even though more units were under the counter. Apparently Apple doesn’t like this sort of behaviour.

Last I heard, though, Best Buy staff were telling customers that it was all Apple’s fault for not supplying enough stock. Some other retail chains had indiscreet staff proclaiming they would soon stop selling Apple products because of all the delivery hassles. Perhaps somewhere behind all this murk lies a word or two of truth. Meanwhile, it seems, the queues are lengthening for Apple’s magical tablet. He who doesn’t want to play misses out, I suspect.


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