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Mr. Reader: Latest version now stable, preferred choice

Last Sunday I reviewed Mr.Reader and yesterday we got the promised bug-fix version of Mr. Reader. I’ve have given it a good workout since downloading without problems so far. The occasional crash when exiting Mobilizer with the Done button is cured. Mr. Reader grows on me and I love the interface.
In this news reader you don’t have to click on an item in order to open it before seeing the action buttons. In Mr. Reader the buttons are all grouped to the right of the synopsis so, for instance, it is possible to send an item to Instapaper from the synopsis without needing to open the article. 
I also find I’m doing quite a bit more actual reading instead of simply sending everything to Instapaper and then reading there. In fact, if Mr Reader had a “create task in OmniFocus” (as does Instapaper) I could cut out a whole section of my workflow and become more efficient.
For the time being, then, Mr. Reader is my newsreader of choice. Not that anyone could call me fickle, of course.


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