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Calvetica: The cat’s whiskers or a poor substitute for Calendar


There’s a general assumption that an application that provides an alternative view of data to Apple’s standard offering must be better. So it is, for instance, with Postbox which enhances the standard OS X Mail.app. Some like it, others hate it, but there is no gainsaying that it adds many features missing in Mail.

On the iPhone we have a raft of apps that aim to better the built-in versions. Calvetica is one of them. Over the past year it has been a favourite of the bloggers and almost everyone has given it pride of place on their home screen. In fact, Calvetica has almost reached the heady firmament inhabited by the likes of Dropbox and OmniFocus.

There’s no doubt Calvetica is a radical departure from the standard Calendar app, particularly in its stark, minimalist appearance. I’ve had it from the start and I’ve tried to love it but have never really taken to it as I thought I ought.

I was encouraged to see today that Dr.Drang of Leancrew.com is doing a full review of Calvetica and Calendar and we should be getting his definitive answer soon. So far, he has mixed views, just as I do. Currently I’m back with Calendar and, despite Calvetica’s claims to offer quicker new-event entry, I just find Calendar easier and more familiar. It’s horses for courses, but I look forward to Dr. D’s verdict.


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