Home Tech Now using OmniFocus less and less, Mac version that is…

Now using OmniFocus less and less, Mac version that is…


A quote from Mark on the OmniFocus forum:

I’m now using Omni Focus less and less – the Mac version that is.

I’ve invested a little more time in the iPad version lately and am amazed at the level of power – easily executed! I’m finding myself grabbing my iPad even when I’m sitting right in front of my Mac.

Good for iPad, bad for Mac! Any update (big round numbers) on when we can expect to see an overhaul with iPad functionality in OF Mac (V2?) Q3, Q4? First half of next year??

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a complaint, exactly the opposite! Really a tribute to how well the iPad version was implemented

I couldn’t agree more. The iPad version of OmniFocus is far and away the best of the three iterations of the project manager. The OS X app is now decidedly long in the tooth. As Mark says, when can we expect a new version of the Mac application incorporating Forecast and all the other goodies of the iPad version?


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