Home Tech Apple said to have bought iCloud.com domain for $4.5 million

Apple said to have bought iCloud.com domain for $4.5 million


What will Apple call their new music-streaming service? According to Gigaom.com it could well be iCloud. The site says that iCloud.com is a domain name and cloud-storage system owned by a Swedish-based company, Xcerion. The service has just been rebranded as CloudMe and a tipster familiar with the company has said that the old domain was purchased by Apple for about $4.5m. However, at the latest check, iCloud is still registered to the Swedish outfit.

Whatever the truth of the rumour, there would certainly be logic in Apple snaffling something as highly appropriate as iCloud.com, either as the name of the new music-streaming service or as a spoiler to prevent any major competitor getting hold of it. Who knows, iCloud could even be a suitable rebranding medium for the entire MobileMe service, including the new music-streaming offering. One thing for sure, $4.5m is petty cash for Cupertino and iCloud is a bargain at that price.


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