Home Tech Tablets taking over from laptops, desktops, ereaders

Tablets taking over from laptops, desktops, ereaders


Owners of tablets (aka iPads) are making less use of other computers and, even, ereaders. Research from Nielson shows than 35 percent of tablet owners use their desktops less often, while 32 percent are using laptops less often. Owners of ereaders such as the Kindle claim to be using them less often after purchasing a tablet.

MacWorld’s Tony Bradley, reporting on the Nielson findings has this to say:

It makes sense. Is it a better computer than your laptop? Probably not. Is it a superior platform for reading electronic books? Not necessarily. Is it the most convenient method of carrying and listening to your music collection? No. But, it has an advantage in that it is capable of doing all of those things—and doing them quite well in most cases—in one portable device.


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