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OmniFocus for iPad: Great has just got greater


OmniFocus for iPad has always been one of the great iPad applications; it’s almost worth buying an iPad just for the convenience of working on your OF database.  It is also the best version of OmniFocus, beating the venerable OS X program by a mile. If there is one aspect of OF for iPad that everyone raves about it’s the inspired Forecast view that lets you view and manage all the activities for the coming week. It’s this Forecast mode that has just taken another leap forward in the v1.3 upgrade announced this morning.

Forecast mode now integrates appointments in a timebar at the bottom of the screen. You can now view your meetings and your project planning in one place for the first time. OmniFocus is now capable of giving you a complete overview of your day and of the week ahead. In addition to the calendar bar, there is an new option to show a separate section to list events starting (as opposed to becoming due) on days of the week. 

There are many extra features but the one that really grabs my attention is the ability to expand the note section of a task to full-screen. This makes OF’s notes much more usable and convenient and I’m looking forward to giving the new option a spin.

Having criticised the new OmniOutliner for its lack of true sync, I’m glad to be able to give OmniGroup the credit it deserves for making OmniFocus even greater.


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