Home Tech MacBook Air: Yet more praise heaped on midget laptop

MacBook Air: Yet more praise heaped on midget laptop


Not another paean to the virtues of the 11in MacBook Air. Macfilos at it again? No, this time it is the sensible and very level headed Stephen M. Hackett at forkbomber.net:

With a 1.4 GHz Core 2 Duo and just 2 GB of RAM, the MacBook Air doesn’t look a speed demon on paper. In reality, though, this machine is crazy fast. Having put an SSD in my work machine, I have no doubt that SSD is the key to this machine’s speed. SSD is the future, and the MacBook Air is the proof.

Stephen has just added a base Air to his Mac stable and is blown away by the quality, the sheer ability and the speed of this lowly 1.4GHz device. Just as the Air is my all-time favourite Mac, Stephen maintains his is the favourite out of all the Macs he’s owned.  And the Air about to get a magnitude better when the Sandy Bridge updates appear.


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