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Something new in the world of flashing cufflinks


Got to admit I prefer wearing button-cuff shirts these days, perhaps in rebellion against the time when I felt obliged to wear cufflinks to work every day. Still, I’m tempted by these iCufflinks from the appropriately named adafruit.com. Even at $128, which is slightly to the north of the going rate for a good pair of links in London’s Jermyn Street, they’d be a sure-fire talking point, especially at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet.

Everything tells me they’re tacky, even ugly. But I rather like the idea of sporting Apple power keys on my shirts. What’s more, they’re pretty high tech with each link containing a miniature circuit board with pulsating LED light and battery. The battery lasts only 24 hours, so these are links for special occasions or for the wealthy wearer keen to pulsate 24/7.

I think they are just what I need to complement my Lunatik Nano watch which I screwed together in a fit of enthusiasm six months ago and have never worn out of embarrassment. I’ve just blown the dust off it to remind me of what I’m missing. 


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