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Mobile optimised websites, bad news for iPhone and iPad


Ben Brooks today:

One thing that really bugs me is when I encounter an ‘mobile optimized’ website on my iPhone/iPad. I hate these sites because they are akin to going into a Ferrari dealership to see a Ferrari and instead only getting to see a Mercedes, that some guy traded in — you feel screwed over.


Couldn’t agree more, Ben.


  1. I am sorry to hear that Apple products can't use those mobile phone things on websites – I didnt know that. Why is it so? Doesnt Apple want you guys to be able to make use of that very convenient function?

    I am not sure I follow the Ferrari metaphore though, surely it is a lack on the part of the Apple product rather than a failing in the idea?

  2. The point he is making is that the optimised web sites give you a shadow of the main sites. The Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad works so well that you can easily view and navigate the full web site in all it's glory. Of course the Apple products can view optimised sites, but most of this optimisation is done for lesser smartphones than don't have the sophistication of Apple's products.


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