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Economical way to use up your heavy old Nikkor lenses


OK, OK, it’s a mock up and if we’re being picky it’s even out of focus, but this nifty combination could solve all your problems when it comes to packing that heavy-as-lead SLR

I now have a way of using my collection of Nikkor lenses in a stellar combination. Thanks to Photojojo I can now buy a Canon on Nikon lens mount for my iPhone 4 at a bargain $249. This is definitely the future and makes pocketing a camera a complete no-brainer. My mock-up, above, is a paragon of economy. A bit nose-heavy it may be, but there’s no denying the sveltness of the camera itself, weighing a mere 137 grams. Who cares that the Nikon 18-200 DX lens weighs in at 560 grams? Just think of that zoom and all the extra performance you can expect. Nikon’s lightest SLR, the D3100, is 502 grams even without a lens, so why put up with all that bulk?

Source: Via Engadget.de


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