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iPad multiple accounts: Now there’s a good idea


Sharing is fun, but some things are just too good to shareWhenever someone has asked to play with your iPad or, worse still, borrow it, you face a conundrum. Are you happy for all your personal stuff, including emails, to be on full display for the world to see?

Probably not, yet there’s no easy way of preventing anyone seeing your stuff. With a MacBook it’s a couple of minutes’ job to set up a new user account. Your friends can then play without seeing (or upsetting) your own user account.

Last week, in Greece, I met acquaintances from home who had borrowed another friend’s iPad for the two weeks. Something to read on the beach. Very generous friend, but rather foolish friend, I have to say. There wasn’t even a password and, of course, emails began arriving the minute the iPad found a free wifi connection. It takes the fortitude of a saint to ignore all those reminders and not once, not even once, in a whole two weeks, be tempted to click on the Mail icon and take a peek. What’s worse, several chat sites had been left running, permanently logged in. Ho humm….

At the moment then, there’s just one bit of advice I can give to iPadistas: Neither a borrower nor a lender be. Unless, of course, you’ve read MacTrast and discovered all about iUsers. Admittedly this is a jail-break hack, so doesn’t appeal to me. Yet it’s a brilliant idea, particularly in families where it’s difficult to keep an iPad all to yourself. I suspect we will see an official Apple multi-user facility in a future release of iOS. Can’t come soon enough for me.


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