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Mouseless month: the experiment begins


Since Lion landed in the App Store every blogger has been either praising or vilifying the new “natural scrolling”. Apple clearly think it’s the bees knees and make sure it is the first thing you see during the installation. Some experienced users believe it is anything other than natural and have reverted to unnatural congress with their computers.

After several days of using the up-side-down scrolling, which emulates the touch scrolling of the iPhone and iPad, I’ve come to the conclusion that I love it with the touchpad but hate it with the mouse. The problem is in having two devices close to hand. So is this the time to give up the mouse? Don McAllister has done so and now swears by touchpad navigation. I admit I like using the touchpad on my MacBook Air and now seldom feel the need to upack the mouse. But when using the iMac I still keep groping for the magical rodent.

I intend to enter into the spirit of the moment and switch off my duo of Magic Mouses so I can live for a month with the Magic Touchpad alone.  It’s one less peripheral to have to worry about and I hope that by the end of August I can finally say goodbye to the mouse. This could be a revolutionary moment.


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