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Apple’s Piccadilly Line journey to ultra profitability


Another day, another wonderful chart from Mr. Dediu. He must spend all his waking hours in Numbers. This time, though, St. Horace contrives to make the profit of the top-eight phone manufacturers resemble London’s hallowed Underground map. It’s a good job we’re on the Piccadilly Line, that’s the thick blue one from Heathrow, through Central London to Cockfosters. Poor old Nokia,  slow line to nowhere. And I’m not sure what Motorola is doing right down there on the Docklands Light Railway. At least plucky old Samsung is fighting back on the Circle Line.

Seriously, guys, there’s a good story hidden here. While lesser brands are indulging in penis envy based on units sold, Apple concentrates on the profit. There’s a good old marketing concept concerning busy fools: Any old fool can shift boxes but it takes an expert to make profit while doing so.


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