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OmniFocus: iPhone app just got a whole lot better


OmniGroup surprised faithful users with the really excellent iPad version introduced last year. Now they have surpassed the iPad with the new iPhone and iPod touch application. Earlier this year they added the Forecast mode which was a triumph in the iPad app. Now they’ve gone one further by enhancing the Forecast view to include detailed events for the day. The iPad version still shows only a bar chart and hovering over the bar discloses the details of the event. I find the list of events in the new iPhone version much more useful.

Above left: The Forecast view now includes detailed event data synchronised with Calendar.Above right: Items on the new home screen can now be rearranged to suit your workflow

Another welcome improvement is customisation of the home screen. Previously the list of views was fixed, with the Map view, which I never use, somewhere in the middle. I have now been able to rearrange the views into a logical order to suit my workflow. Inbox comes first, followed by Forecast view and Perspectives.

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of OmniFocus are now much more usable than the now-antiquated OS X application. This was the original project manager, based on the successful OmniOutliner, and is now showing its age. No doubt there’s an update in the pipeline; OmniGroup have said on several occasions that they are concentrating on getting the iOS versions up and running.

OmniFocus, with syncing applications on Mac and iOS, remains my favourite task and project manager. The improvements to the iPhone app now make it even better.


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