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iPhone joins world’s most influential cameras


Last week I was praising the ever-ready qualities of the iPhone as a camera. It’s the camera that’s always in your pocket and beats the socks off a fancy Nikon or Canon if you don’t happen to have it slung over your shoulder at the crucial moment.

Now, I see, Adorama have included the iPhone in a compilation of the most influential cameras of all time. Sure, it comes thirteenth. But the surprise is that it is there at all. It is confirmation of the convergence of smartphones with the cheaper point-and-shoot cameras. Convenience is the name of the game, so why buy a separate box, however small, if your iPhone can get the job done.

Here is the list of the illustrious company:

  1. Kodak Brownie, 1900
  2. Leica Model A, 1925
  3. Kine Exakta, 1936 (first successful SLR)
  4. Kodak Super Six-20, 1938
  5. Nikon F, 1959
  6. Pentax K1000, 1977
  7. Minolta Maxxum 7000, 1985
  8. Sony Mavica, 1981
  9. Kodak DCS 100 (first digital SLR with Kodak control unit), 1991
  10. Kodak DC 210, 1998
  11. Nikon D100, 2002
  12. Canon EOS Rebel (in USA), 2003
  13. Apple iPhone 2008
  14. Sony SLT Alpha-55, 2010

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