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San Francisco: Big breakfast and new Apple Store in Berkeley


After a long day of travelling, from London to San Francisco via Munich, I didn’t see much of yesterday. But I surfaced bright eyed and bushy tailed in my Berkeley hotel this morning. I’m all set for the iPhone launch on Tuesday and it will be great to be on the spot for once.

In celebration I fortified myself with a superb greasy spoon breakfast at the Sunny Side Cafe on the next block to the hotel. Better than hotel breakfasts any morning.

Then followed a 30-minute walk down University to 4th Street where I found the new Berkeley Apple Store. Since I hadn’t remembered the address I was reduced to asking passers by. Apple? Apple Store? No idea. On the tenth attempt I found someone who knew. This was a disappointment, since I thought more people here in California would be basking in the reputation of their own worlds’ most valuable company.

When I found the store I could have been anywhere in the world, except for the rumble and hoot of a typical American train on the nearby rail track. Still and all, it’s a great pity I won’t be able to walk in there on Wednesday morning and grab one of the new phones.


  1. Hi Tony, because there is always a delay between announcement and availability. Suggestions are that it will be available on October 14 but I don't know. Bear in mind that I'd they distributed to shops for immediate delivery the news would leak before the presentation and Apple is very keen to avoid that. Amazon was a leaky sieve with the Fire launch by comparison with Apple.


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