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iPhone 4S: On reflection, it makes a lot of sense to keep the current body


Manufacturers of iPhone cases would have loved Apple come out with a radically different iPhone 5. Lots of cash in cases.

Instead, it’s business as usual with all our cases and accessories, even our car cradles, able to do service for at least another year. Some fans, admittedly, will be disappointed not to be able to show off a brand new phone that looks different. The majority, though, will look beneath the skin and see that the 4S is every bit a new phone. With the faster processor and much faster graphics, this newcomer will knock the socks off the old model, despite looking exactly the same (except for the reconfigured antenna band that only a real nerd would notice).

My tan leather Piel Frama Magnum case has gathered an attractive, well-used patina after twelve months, so I am rather relieved that it will remain in my pocket until mid 2012 at least.


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