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Apple Campus: MacFilos visits for the first time


Despite my many years of enthusiasm for Apple products, the launch of the iPhone 4S was my first opportunity to visit the Apple Campus at Cupertino, south of San Francisco. I didn’t really know what to expect, but found a large number of tidy modern buildings with employees, all seemingly clutching and iPad or a MacBook, walking purposefully between them and crossing the main highway which splits the two halves of the campus.

Headquarters of the world’s most valuable company? Well, there’s not a lot to see that would support the fact. But then there is no manufacturing, just brainpower and organisation inside those office buildings. There is a retail Apple Store with a difference: It’s stocked with tee shirts, caps and trinkets to complement the usual computer fare. Oh, and there’s the usual obligatory photograph with the 1 Infinite Loop sign that all visitors have to grab. Pity the new iPhone 4S wasn’t get up for grabbing.



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