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San Francisco: A momentous week for me in California


When I got my plane tickets for California, happily to coincide with the Apple iPhone event, I couldn’t have imagined that I would actually find myself on the Apple Campus when Steve Jobs died. At the time I was frolicking in front of the 1 Infinite Loop sign for a wish-you-were-here photograph and buying hats, teeshirts and other assorted macephemera from the Campus Apple Store. I was there, on the spot, only I didn’t realise until I heard the news on the car radio while driving back to my hotel in Berkeley.

Despite all this, it was a good week to be in San Francisco. And I am totally grateful to the wonderful TMobile for offering a visitor package that puts AT&T to shame. For $50 I got a three-month deal with unlimited Edge data (3G for the first 100MB), unlimited landline calls and unlimited texts. Can’t really beat that and it worked well. My only gripe is that even during the initial 100MB period, which lasted six days, I hardly ever saw that 3G moniker on the top bar of my iPhone. Mostly it was E, but it was still absolutely fine for general email, Viber and news reading. For the first time in the USA I haven’t felt quite such as alien.


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